Tomahawk Speedway in Tomahawk Wisconsin offers racing for stock, late models and motorcycle races in northern Wisconsin near Tomahawk.

2013 Tomahawk Speedway Pure Stock Rules

350 engines (305,302,307 or318)

Tomahawk Speedway Pure Stock points will be awarded in the same manner as WISSOTA points.

Points will be awarded to the driver of the car, not the car itself.

The Tomahawk Speedway Bomber Division was created for the novice or beginning driver.

The following rules are made to make it possible for these people to safely and fairly learn the sport of racing without the sometimes high costs associated with the sport and to let novice drivers experience racing without interfering with more experienced drivers on the track. Read the rules carefully, the Tomahawk Speedway Pure Stock Division is for STOCK cars and most of the modifications allowed are for safety purposes. If you have questions, call, don't assume something will be alright to alter, etc.


  1. All Tomahawk Speedway Track Rules apply to the Pure Stock Division. If you don't have a copy, get one. It is your responsibility to know all of the rules.

  2. Tomahawk Speedway reserves the right to tear down the engine of any race car. If found illegal the “Protest” penalties will apply.


Main cage must be made with minimum of 1-1/2” mild steel tubing. No Gas or Water piping allowed. A minimum of a 4 point roll cage welded to the frame properly. Roll cage may extend past drivers compartment to the rear frame rails in the trunk area. Down braces may also be attached to the spring pockets. The roll cage may extend forward to the radiator support.

A minimum of 3 door bars must be installed on the drivers side. Must be welded, no brazing. Gussets can and should be used on main frame. Subject to approval by inspector. Minimum of one Halo Cross Bar – Vent Bars and driver door plating which must completely cover the driver door bars and consist of a single sheet of min. 16 Gage steel.


1. Any American made car with a minimum wheelbase of 108”. Uni-body cars must have minimum wheelbase of 110”. Rear wheel drive cars only. No Station Wagons. No maneuvering of wheel base. **NOTE : ALL PURE STOCK: In 2013 see body rules for WISSOTA Street Stock can be found at or

2. Cars must be COMPETELY STOCK. Body must match frame. Body must be in stock location. Driver's doors may be cut out of installation and door bars. Hood and trunk must be stock and be pinned or chained. Metal gussets in hood and trunk may be removed. All chrome trim and plastic parts must be removed.

3. Radiator must be in stock location.

4. Rear frame of car If rusty may be reinforced or replaced with square or rectangular tubing 2” x 3” x 3/16” maximum. Rear frame may be replaced behind the differential with rectangular tubing.

5. Bumpers must be stock. Bumpers may be reinforced so as to not fall off the car. Any reinforcement of bumper must be done behind bumper. No bump bars of any kind allowed. No sharp edges on front or rear.

6. Firewalls and floor boards must be stock. If rusty must be repaired. But must remain in stock location. Any holes must be filled in.

7. No rear Spoilers. No mirrors of any kind.


For example. No blizzak Tires

1. No snow or truck tires allowed. Maximum of 60 series tires radial or bias. NO RACING TRIES. NO RACING RE-CAPS. NO tire grooving or siping allowed.


3. Maximum width of 8” steel wheels. May be factory stock or rally type or aftermarket wheels. Racing wheels may be allowed. No aluminum wheels. It is recommended that all 4 wheels be reinforced. It is mandatory that the right front wheel be reinforced with 1” lug nuts or reinforcing plates.

4. NO wheel spacers exceeding 1/4” allowed.

5. Any offset allowed with a max. wheel width of 8”



1. Batteries must be fastened securely in car. If mounted in driver compartment, must be in a suitable plastic or aluminum battery box and strapped securely.

2. ALL Glass must be removed. A minimum of 4 3/8” rods must be welded in front of driver. Screening is strongly recommended.

3. Fiberglass or Aluminum racing seat required. Must be mounted securely to roll cage. Seat must not be mounted further back than the rear of the front door. Steering wheel and brake bust remain in stock location.

4. 5 point belts required. Minimum 3” Lap Belt and 3” Shoulder Belt. Cannot be older than 5 years. Belts must be mounted to roll cage.

5. Window net mandatory and must be mounted to roll cage.

6. Approved Snell 2000 SA or newer helmet required. Full SFI Race Suit required.

7. Fore Extinguisher Required.

8. Breaks must operate on all four wheels.

9. Numbers must be a minimum 18” high. Maximum three numbers or letters may be used. Numbers must be located on both doors and roof. Also a 6” x 6” number on both front and rear of car. It is mandatory that your numbers are clearly readable for scorers. Number should be in a contrasting color to the background color. Dark colors such as black, navy, maroon, ect. Are extremely hard to see.


1. Old gas tank must be removed.


3. a complete metal firewall must separate the driver from the gas tank.

4. Pump Gas Only.

5. No electric fuel pumps allowed.


Front and rear suspension must remain completely stock except for coil springs. Parts must match make, model and year of car. No racing suspension component parts of any type allowed except for aftermarket springs.

1. Stock shocks only, must be mounted in stock location. No HIEM type racing shocks allowed.

2. No weight jacks.


1. Automatic transmission only. Must be stock and have come in that vehicle when manufactured. Must have working stock torque converter. Diameter of torque converter must match car model. No power glides. No racing components. NO LOCK UPS. Trans coolers must be shielded from driver.

2. Stock rear end only. Rear end must be locked with spool or welded. No posi or lockers type rear ends.

3. Drive shaft must e painted white – it is mandatory. Drive shaft safety loop or chain is mandatory.


car and driver post race must weigh a minimum of 3250 lbs. Lead or other weight may be added. Weight must be securely fastened and be painted white with car number on it. Tomahawk speedway reserves the right to change this weight at any time during the season. So as to keep cars competitive.

1. Engines must be completely stock. Must be in stock location with stock motor mounts. Must idle at 500rpm. For 30 seconds. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Ignition system must be stock.

3. Stock cast iron 2 barrel intake manifolds only. Stock exhaust manifolds only. No marine intakes. No center dumps.

4. Hydraulic camshaft only.

5. Stock type flat top or dish pistons only maximum over bore .060 or flat topped only.

6. Valve size must match head being used. No camel back or angle plug on GM.

7. Stock Chevrolet. Ford or Chrysler only.

360 cubic inch max. GM

358 Cubic inch max. FORD

367 cubic inch MOPAR

8. The engine must be the same make as chassis – GM to GM/Ford to Ford/ ect. Maximum ratings listed witll be determined post race, spark plug removed and push rods from the cylinder being tested. The body style may be from another manufacturer.

( 307 Olds, 305 Chevy, 302 Ford, 318 Mopar Only)

* NO Fuel Injection

* NO Racing Fuel or additives

* 419 Live may advertised +/- .010

* Stock specs for lift duration and love center

* NO angle milling or performance enhancing work on heads or block

* NO Vortex heads

* NO grinding of any castings

* NO valve springs shims

* Stock heads ONLY

* 1.86 valve max. 1.5 exhaust max.

* NO interchanging of rocker arms, ratios

* NO offset key in crank

* NO screw-in studs

* NO roller cams

* NO degreeing of cam

* NO balanced motors

* Quad (for GM) Motor-craft (for Ford)

* Stock Ignition only (stock working order)

* NO center dump manifolds

* NO 1987 or newer truck manifolds

* Engine compression LIMITED to a maximum of 160# per cylinder – Zero tolerance

* NO honey-cone valve springs allowed

* No leaked down lifters allowed

* No leaked down lifters allowed



1. carburetors must be stock. 2 barrel carb only. No Holley. Edlebrock or aftermarket carb. Choke can be removed, but not the air-horn.

2. No adapters or spacers between carb and manifold. No intermarriage of carburetors (GM for GM, Ford for Ford, ect.). Maximum thickness between carb and intake 1-3/8”. Spacer openings must be perpendicular to the base. Aluminum spacer only.

Claim Rule

Carburetor may be claimed for $150.00 with exchange.

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